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Product Details

Braun-engineered technology with three exchangeable combs
For even trimming and ultimate manoeuvrability, the Gillette All Purpose STYLER is designed with Braun-engineered technology. It also comes with three exchangeable combs, each a different length, so you can experiment with various beard and moustache styles.
Gillette STYLER exchangeable combsAll-purpose Gillette STYLER
Gillette STYLER exchangeable combsAll-purpose Gillette STYLER
Truly all-purpose
TThe Gillette All Purpose STYLER fits all Gillette Fusion blade refills, so you can enjoy a custom shave.
Truly all-purposeBeard Trimmer
Truly all-purposeBeard Trimmer
Precision Trimmer
Turn the razor blade around to use the Precision Edging blade. It helps you shave tricky places and create crisp and defined lines.
Precision trimmer on all Fusion bladesEdge
Precision trimmer on all Fusion bladesEdge
Waterproof design
The All Purpose Gillette STYLER is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments, so you can use it in or out of the shower.
Waterproof design
Waterproof design
Easy upkeep of your favourite style
Square styles
Square styles

Shave or trim with sharp, precise lines near your cheekbones. Keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin to take advantage of your square jawline.

Round styles
Round styles

Slim your round face with an angled shave along your cheekbones. Keeping hair full on your chin will also help.

Oval styles
Oval styles

An oval face is the ideal shape for almost any beard style.

Rectangle styles
Rectangle styles

With a rectangular face, keep your beard shorter on bottom and longer on the sides to show off your strong facial structure.

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Battery Usage Info


Remove battery when vibration slows or ceases. Do not leave depleted battery in device. Replace batteries only in a dry environment.

Dispose of batteries in accordance with local regulations.

Caution: Insert AA Alkaline battery correctly and do not short circuit.

If a battery leaks, wipe device clean with a damp cloth and wash hands. If any material gets into the eyes, contact a doctor immediately.

Keep batteries away from children. If swallowed, consult a physician at once. For information on treatment, call 202-625-3333 collect.

Shave Plan Info

Three easy steps, unlimited confidence. 1. Choose your blades. They're the same long-lasting blades you'd find in the store. 2. Choose your retailer. Adjust, upgrade or cancel your plan at any time at your go-to store. 3. Choose your frequency. Select a shipment frequency that fits your shave schedule.


What are the differences between the exchangeable combs?
The 3 exchangeable combs offer you consistent length and contour adaptability for easy upkeep of your favourite style. Whether it's an intricate facial hairstyle, or strategically groomed body hair, you'll be able to master your best look.

When should I use the Precision Trimmer?
After you've trimmed your facial hair, sideburns, or body hair to your desired length, use the Precision Trimmer? to polish your look and complete your favourite style.

For best results, should the power be turned on or off when using the Precision Trimmer?
The Precision Trimmer? can be used with the power turned on or off. Preference varies from person to person. Using the Precision Trimmer? with or without power is an individual choice.

What type of battery does the Gillette Styler use? How long does it last?
The Gillette Styler uses a AA battery. Assuming average shaving, the battery should last approximately 1-1.5 months, depending on the user.

Is it safe to shave with the Gillette Styler in the shower?
Yes. The Gillette Styler is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments.

Can I get electrocuted if the Gillette Styler is submerged in water?
No. Gillette Styler is safe to use in wet conditions.

How long will the Gillette Styler's razor blade refill last?
How long a razor blade refill lasts varies from person to person, as it is dependent on many variables such as hair toughness and thickness, preparation, shaving habits, and skin sensitivity. The Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor's reformulated Indicator Lubricating Strip will provide you with a visual cue—it fades to white—when optimal shave conditions have been reduced. When this happens, you may want to change the blade on your razor.

What is the Streamlined Comfort Guard with channels? What are the benefits of the Streamlined Comfort Guard? The Gillette Styler's razor features a Streamlined Comfort Guard. The soft, flexible material surrounds the Microfins, creating an outer edge that wraps around the sides of the razor blade and channels that clear away excess shave prep. This Streamlined Comfort Guard follows the contours of your skin to help the shaving surface of the razor comfortably shave close.

Have there been any enhancements to the lubrication strip?
Yes. Like all ProGlide razor blade refills, it now contains more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil.

Will the Gillette Styler accept any other razor blade refill on the market? The Gillette Styler is compatible with any Gillette Fusion5 refill.

*First 4 blades, vs. Fusion5.
† Vs. Fusion5.