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Explore Gillette’s portfolio of disposable razor packs.

Gillette disposable razors:  a great shave is within your grasp. Ranging from our twin-blade Sensor2 to our advanced Sensor3 disposable blades, the convenience of disposable razors meets the performance of Gillette precision engineering.

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    Gillette's best value 3 blade disposable razors, Gillette Sensor3 Simple Men's Disposable Razors, give you 7 clean shaves and fewer nicks fewer nicks & cuts*. With Sensor3 Simple you'll get a shave others will notice, but your wallet won't.

    Gillette Sensor3 Simple Men's Disposable Razors:

    • • 3 Spring Mounted Blades adjust to the skin surface for a close, smooth, comfortable shave
    • • Fin Guard helps to stretch skin and to align the hair to the blade
    • • Lubrastrip provides lubrication and easy glide
    • • Easy rinsing
    • • Improved handle provides great control

    *vs. Sensor2 Disposable



  • Sensor® 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor

    This razor features three independently mounted spring blades for a close, comfortable shave.

    Product features:
    Pivoting head adjusts to the contours of your face;
    Soft, protective Microfins help protect your skin from nicks and cuts;
    Uniquely shaped non-slip rubber handle provides control and maneuverability.

  • MACH3® Sensitive Disposable Razor

    The indispensible disposable for sensitive skin.*Get a clean shave and less feel of irritation.**

    Product features:
    3 PowerGlide® Blades deliver amazing closeness;
    Spring-mounted Pressure-Control System adjusts to different skin types.

    * MACH3 razors vs.* Gillette® CustomPlus®; previously sold as M3POWER
    **Vs. Gillette CustomPlus®/Sensor 2® disposables


    A great shave is within your grasp. Two thin twin blades provide a comfortable shave for anyone.

    Product features:
    Lubrastrip® helps blades glide easily over skin;
    Zip-Pak® resealable packaging makes storage a breeze.



  • CustomPlus® 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor

    Tough performance carefully designed to offer a gentle shave for guys with sensitive skin.

    Product features: Three Comfort Blades and Lubrastrip® deliver extraordinary comfort; Package includes four disposable razors.


    When it comes to finding Gillette's best disposable razor for your skin, know that five blades simply outperform three.

    Suitable on sensitive skin, the Gillette Sensor5 disposable razor redefines your expectations of what a smooth shave can be. On the front of the pivoting cartridge, Gillette Sensor5 features blades spaced closer together (compared with MACH3 disposables) for a smooth shave with incredible comfort.

    This design distributes the shaving force across the blades to help reduce pressure, with more comfort and less irritation than MACH3 disposable razors. It's a difference you can feel in every shave, every day.

    • Gillette’s BEST disposable razor for your skin
    • Advanced 5-Blade Shaving Technology, with razor blades spaced close together, helps reduce pressure on each blade vs. MACH3—for a close, comfortable shave
    • Flexible Comfort Guard helps stretch skin, preparing the hair to be cut comfortably
    • Indicator Lubrication Strip fades to white when you are no longer getting an optimal shave


  • Gillette® Sensor®3 Cool Men's Disposable Razor

    Sensor3 Cool Men’s Disposable Razor is Gillette’s first disposable razor with added cooling technology for a cool, refreshing sensation during the shave.

    The razor offers a smoother shave and 100% better rinsing (vs. Sensor2 Plus), with a pivoting head for a close shave.

    Complete with an ergonomic non-slip handle for more control and manoeuvrability than a fixed head Gillette 2-bladed disposable razor, the Sensor3 Cool gives you up to 10 smooth shaves per razor.

    * Based on Nielsen sales data July 2015 - June 2016. Among 3 bladed male disposable razors. Sensor3 is also sold as Prestobarba3 and Blue3 in other geographies.

  • MACH3® Smooth Shave Disposable Razor

    These razors add convenience with a legendary close shave. Their 3-blade technology offers a comfortable shave. And the built-in Comfort Guard includes 5 Microfins to bring you a close, comfortable shave.

    Product features:
    Three PowerGlide Blades deliver amazing closeness;
    Spring-mounted Pressure-Control System adjusts to different skin types.



    This razor features a comforting Lubrastrip® to give you a smooth and precise shave.

    Product features: Twin Comfort Blades and Lubrastrip deliver extraordinary comfort.



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