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Covid 19

Stepping Up to Help

During these challenging times, Gillette is playing our part to protect the health and well-being of our employees, serve consumers around the world who count on our brands, and support workers, relief agencies and communities who are on the front lines of this global pandemic.

We don’t know how long this crisis will last, but we do know that the dedication and resiliency of our brave healthcare workers and first responders will last longer. And so will our commitment to continue to support and serve them, our consumer and our communities in any way we can.

Protecting Our People

Throughout this pandemic, our manufacturing facilities remain operational. To do this, we must first think of our employees. Protecting our people allows us to continue making, packing and shipping the products needed by others around the world.

With guidance from medical professionals, we are constantly evaluating and updating our policies. Temperature scans, physical distancing, and supercharging our sanitation processes are just a few of the ways we are looking out for our team.

Helping Healthcare Workers & First Responders

Healthcare workers and first responders face new strains of COVID-19 cases every day, and they are counting on personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them. Unfortunately, there is currently a huge shortage.

We are committed to helping. At Gillette, we are optimizing our resources so that we may continue to produce and distribute the products the world so desperately needs.


Our South Boston Massachusetts World Shaving Headquarters recently donated its inventory of 75,000 N95 respiratory masks to hospitals in Massachusetts.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages men to shave before wearing respiratory masks to ensure proper mask fit.

We are helping around the world by donating more than one million razors to healthcare workers and first responders.

We are helping around the world by donating more than one million razors to healthcare workers and first responders.

The P&G Grooming team in China were the first to have to manage this crisis and the first to rally behind their communities, with thousands of Gillette and Braun shavers provided alongside other P&G products to healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines in the Wuhan Province and beyond.

In Russia, we provided 12,000 razors as part of P&G’s “Care to Every Home” corporate COVID-19 disaster relief program. On April 5, the team at our St. Petersburg plant – held a charity shift to produce 500,000 disposable razors for Russian medical professionals and volunteers. Later, the company added another 500,000 disposable razors to the donation, providing a total of 1 million disposable razors to medical communities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow Oblast, Leningrad oblast, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and other regions.

In the UK, we’ve donated over 47,000 razors to NHS (National Health Service) frontline workers as they continue to work keep the British public safe

Employees from the Manaus plant in Brazil donated Prestobarba and Mach3 razors to healthcare workers.

Across Europe we’ve donated 10,000 razors to the Red Cross in Spain, 8,500 Gillette and Venus razors to Innatura in Germany, more than 25,000 razors and shave gels to Red Cross in Italy and we will be donating more than 50,000 razors and shave kits to the Red Cross and Healthcare institutions in France, Belgium and the Netherlands in the coming weeks.

In Canada, we have donated razors and shave preps via GlobalMedic with plans for 35,000 male and female shave kits to be donated to healthcare workers in the coming weeks.

In the US we have donated 20,000 razors to Direct Relief, who will help distribute to workers across the country.

Face Shields

Face shields are worn over N95 respirators to protect them from being soiled and damaged. As the Gillette team learned of the PPE shortage during this crisis, we collaborated and leveraged our skills to create a working face shield prototype. It was approved and we have already started production and assembly at our South Boston Massachusetts World Shaving Headquarters. We have distributed more than 100,000 face shields to Massachusetts healthcare organizations  and have committed to donating 200,000 more in the coming months.

View our Face Shield Product Specification Sheet>

Hand Sanitizer

At two of our Gillette shaving gel manufacturing facilities, we have started production of hand sanitizer. Our goal is to ensure that we produce products that allow customers, hospitals, and relief organizations do their jobs safely. Across the P&G family, we intend to produce at least 45,000 liters of hand sanitizer every week.

Twitch Stream Aid

We are proud to have worked with our partners at Twitch for the Twitch Stream Aid. This event attracted 50 million viewers to game, stream and perform. Twitch talent, global superstars and a $1million dollar donation from P&G (with Gillette) helped us raise $2.7million for the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Fund.

Supporting Our Communities

P&G’s contributions of product and in-kind support now exceed $15 million. We will continue to increase our donations and contributions as we work with communities around the world. Our unchanging goal is to ensure that families in need have the cleaning, health, and hygiene benefits P&G products can provide.

We are supporting our communities around the world by providing funds to families in need.

We are supporting our communities around the world by providing funds to families in need.

At the Gillette Bhiwadi plant in India, we provided food packages to support more than 800 families of migrant workers.

Across Europe we have contributed more than €150,000 to relief efforts and we are working with our Gillette, Venus and Braun ambassadors across the region to raise awareness and generate funds for relief efforts.

The team in Korea has provided monetary support and product donations for local healthcare workers via Government appointed medical institutions in Daegu (most severely impacted city by COVID19).

In Vietnam, we are providing funds to purchase PPE for medical staff. We have also provided product donations to isolation centres. Additionally, we have a program where employee donations to relief efforts are matched by the company. Gillette has been present in donations across the LA region.

We have executed donations in Argentina and Brazil via the Red Cross, in Panama through the minister of health and in Peru via the Food Bank. Additionally, we are providing over $135M worth of P&G products (and bathroom sinks) to care centres. This initiative will help vulnerable communities including the homeless and military veterans.

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